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But with our one stop shop for everything moving, we can handle all of your concerns in house and keep everything running smoothly. Instead of four different companies, you only need to work with one - Mid-Dessa

Moving can be disruptive & overwhelming

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How We Store Your Belongings

Storage Solutions

Did you sell your home faster than you anticipated and need a place to store your belongings? Or are you remodeling your storefront and need a place to keep your inventory safe while the work is completed? We specialize in Warehousing Storage and can take good care of your belongings whatever they may be.
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We have the solution for your relocation needs.

We provide Con-ex containers, the same type that can also ship overseas. These containers are 8x8x40 or 8x8x20 feet. We can also help prepare the logistics for these shipments or you can rent one to keep your extra items in while working on a project.

We take advantage of Warehousing Storage. This means that everyone is assigned their own vault. These vaults are sealed to keep your belongings safe until you need them!